Importing students

This is the method of uploading students in bulk via the MusicFirst Application Cloud.

(not for MusicFirst Online Classroom)

You need to have prepared the Excel file first (see here)

Update, November 2019

  • Usernames. If IT will give you the school's own IT usernames that's always best. Otherwise here are our suggestions for the automated username function:
    • For small numbers, e.g. exam classes only, you might want to choose the 'Last name followed by first character of First name' option. That gives the shortest username.
    • For medium/large numbers, you might prefer to have the FirstnameLastname option. That helps avoid duplicate usernames.
    • For very large numbers, it's usually best to get hold of the school IT usernames, otherwise there may be many duplicates. Get in touch via if you need help or advice.
  • We now advise adding a column for year group (especially for FoS Pro users). Call it 'Year'. Inside the column you'd put something like 'Year 7', GCSE 1, etc. This isn't essential - you can attach classes to year groups later. It just makes it more convenient.