How to reset classes at end or mid year

(MusicFirst system only - MFAC)

Deleting large groups of students

The quickest way to delete a whole year group is to go to the Students menu.

  1. Use the Class search box to find all classes containing a particular number e.g. 7
  2. Click in the tick box on the left to select all the students in these classes
  3. Select Delete user from the section in the top right
  4. Click Apply - all those students will then be deleted from the system

Please note that this method will not remove the names of classes. If you need to do that, you could go to the Classes menu instead.

Deleting students in bulk

Deleting all students

You can delete all the students in your school if you want. This is often the easiest way of starting a new year. To do that, don't do any search, just click in the tick box on the left to select all the students, then delete them all.

Moving students at the end of a school year

  1. Go to the Classes menu.
  2. To delete a whole class (e.g. a class that has left), select the class and click on 'Delete class and/or students'. You can then delete the whole class, including all the students and the class name - or just delete the students, leaving the class where it is.
  3. Then you can move students into the empty class (or move them in any way you like) by choosing the class you want to move them from and clicking the 'Move Class Students' button. Choose the class you want to move them to. You can select individual students or a whole class.

Example: a UK school with no A or AS level students

  1. Delete all the students from year 11 music
  2. Move students up from year 10 to year 11
  3. Move all GCSE students from last year’s year 9 to this year’s Year 10
  4. Remove all students from all year 9 classes that no longer study music
  5. Move year 8 students up to year 9
  6. Move year 7 students up to year 8
  7. Import a csv of the new year 7 students