Assigning App Seats

You need to do this if you have different seat allocations for different apps, e.g. Focus on Sound 250 seats, Soundation 100 seats. You will only be able to do this if we have set up the special facility for you to do it.

1. Go to School Tools and select 'Application Seats'. If you don't have this panel and think you should have it, please contact us.


2. Choose the app


3. Either: choose the students allocated to the app (that's the slow way)


4. Or (the fast way) assign classes to the individual apps:


In the diagram above:

  1. Click the Classes tab
  2. From the list on the right, choose the class(es) to add to the app
  3. Click the green arrow to move the class(es) across to the left, so that they are selected for using that app
  4. Finally click Save