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Develop all-round musical skills with new music education software for Windows®, Apple® Mac®, tablets and smartphones - instant access to hundreds of photos, recordings, music scores, videos and a fully integrated testing system.

Specially designed for teachers using whiteboards or large screens, and students working on their own at school or at home.

Six years in development and now used in ten countries. New material added every week.

Focus on Sound: Instruments introduces the sound of musical instruments, voices and groups, for students aged 10 to 18. Featuring classical, jazz, rock, folk and world music.

Focus on Sound: Sound Words covers topic areas like harmony, melody, rhythm, structure, texture, instrumental and vocal techniques. In the UK it's perfect for GCSE and A level music preparation and revision, as well as for KS3 topic work and the Scottish exam system. Great for any student wanting to know more about music.

Teachers can see whole class marks updating in 'real time' and then save to Excel®.

These exciting new programs have been written by Dr Simon Foxall, an experienced teacher, senior examiner for the Edexcel board and a PhD specialist in using computers for music education.


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Reviews World music

'Brilliant' - Jamie Hutchings, Framlingham College. 'Your software is absolutely brilliant' - Matt Allen, Chessington Community College. 'Very easy to use. . . . an excellent resource' - John Hall, Norton Knatchbull School

    Instruments: Bass clarinet
    Instruments: One of 15 flute pages
    Instruments: World music test
    Results screen for teachers. Export to Excel.
    Sound Words: Slap bass
    Sound Words: Walking bass

    'Focus on Sound does a fantastic job making a long-held dream a reality' - Five stars - John Kelleher, Music Teacher magazine.

    'A marvellous, affordable, and user-friendly listening resource. Pupils find it easily accessible via mobile, tablet or PC at any time of day (or night, if set homework tasks). I would warmly recommend this excellent software to all departments.' - John McGonigle, Director of Music, Dollar Academy

    The pupils really enjoy it and so do I - Ryan Lester - Testbourne Community School

    What fabulous resources you have created. The quality of the descriptions, examples, pictures and videos is excellent. Everything works easily both on computer and on my iPhone. Superb! - David Beeby, Poole Grammar School

    Simply the best resource I’ve seen at an affordable price for schools - Karen Casper, St Catherine's School, Twickenham

    'An admirable resource for students. Definitions are concise and very useful. Excellent to see and hear examples so easily.' - Dr Hugh Benham, Chair of Examiners

    'A landmark resource . . . . none of the apps I have seen so far come close' - David Ashworth, Teaching Music website

    'An amazingly useful resource .... an excellent piece of software' - Richard Crozier, Music consultant, formerly Associated Board course director

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