Google Classroom/Microsoft Teams End of School Year Admin

Also mid-year reset

It is exceptionally easy to start a new academic year using the GC/Teams integration. Our reset system un-links your old classes from Focus on Sound and resets your user numbers back to zero, so that you won't run out of spaces or 'seats'.

You can also use this system in the middle of the school year to change the classes using Focus on Sound - or if you have run out of student places and need to change the classes using the software.

1. Go to your Classes menu at the top right of your Focus on Sound screen
2. At the top left you will see a Reset Classes/Students button. Click it.


3. You will see some rather scary messages. There's actually nothing to worry about at all. Students won't lose their results, as they're attached to their user ID in school. So whichever class they now belong to, their results will go with them.

4. Add your new classes to the system in the normal way.

5. Click Refresh data

6. Log out then in again, so that you can see the classes in Focus on Sound