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FoS Pro

Our new extended version of Focus on Sound!


UK customer quote:

Just starting to realise the immense potential of this upgrade. Still can't believe how utterly amazing this is for the price. This is literally going to save us hours and hours of time. Helen Blythe - The Bewdley School and Sixth Form Centre.

The Pro version includes a 'My School' tab between Lessons and Results. Students see this as a 'My Class' tab.

Here's what you can do:

  • Assign work to individual classes, groups of classes or the whole school. This can be existing Focus on Sound content, tests or lessons, or you can set your own work including external links
  • Write and upload your own content for use in the Focus on Sound environment (pictures, audio, text, video, etc.)
  • Set your own tests, using up to 5 types of test and 17 different types of question. You can use FoS media or upload your own. We are confident that this facility will be far beyond what is possible in any existing virtual learning environment. More test and question types will become available throughout 2019.
  • On their My Class tab, students will only see the work assigned to their class or to the whole school

Here's an example of custom lesson creation. These are some of the special features:

  • Choose from existing Focus on Sound lessons or entirely new ones (no. 2 in screenshot)
  • Allocate the work to individual classes (no. 4 in screenshot)
  • Add internal or external web links (no. 7 in screenshot)

FoS Pro Custom Test Types

All tests work in standard and class demonstration modes

* Random identification tests are based on a list of terms/instruments chosen by the user. They are developed automatically by the Focus on Sound system to produce 20 random questions using some or all of the types listed, depending on the type of terms chosen by the teacher.

Custom test types,"Custom question types","Availability"
Type 1 - Random identification*,"Single picture and sound, multiple choice text","Now"
,"Single picture and sound, type answer",""
,"Single picture, multiple choice text",""
,"Single sound, multiple choice text",""
,"Multiple picture, verbal stimulus",""
,"Multiple picture, single sound",""
,"Single picture, type answer",""
,"Single sound, type answer",""
,"Quiz text, multiple choice texts",""
,"Single sound, multiple choice quiz texts",""
Type 2 - Timeline test, single audio,"Quiz text with multiple choice texts","Now"
,"Type answer",""
Type 3 - Timeline test, with drag and drop answers,"Quiz text with randomised answers in an answer panel","Now"
Type 4 - Discussion/writing,"Single sound, write answer","Now"
,"Compare two sounds, write answer",""
,"Look at video, write answer",""
,"YouTube video, write answer",""
,"Compare two YouTube videos, write answer",""
Type 5 - Fixed questions with single audio and picture,"Single picture and sound, multiple choice text","Now"
,"Single picture and sound, type answer",""
,"Single picture, multiple choice text",""
,"Single sound, multiple choice text",""
,"Single picture, type answer",""
,"Single sound, type answer",""

Here is an example of the new timeline test with randomised answers in an answer panel. Drag and drop the answers to the relevant answer box.


You could write one of these tests in 5 minutes in FoS Pro. Here's the process:

  1. Name the test
  2. Upload the audio
  3. Input a series of questions and answers, together with the position in the audio (easy)
  4. Add one or two extra 'distractors' (wrong answers)
  5. Click 'Publish' and you're done.

All the answers as well as the extra distractors are randomised and placed in the panel on the right. The student drags and drops from the panel to the appropriate answer box.

There is a separate system for class presentation mode. The student writes or says the answer in class - there's no drag and drop in this situation of course.