Google Classroom login

IMPORTANT - only use this logon if the teacher has set up Focus on Sound to use the Google Classroom system.

If you still use the MusicFirst version of Focus on Sound, first, make sure that you have closed Focus on Sound if it is open in a browser tab. If it was open, you should then close the whole browser and reload it.

The web address (URL) for all students and teachers of Google Classroom is:

To type it just start from 'portal' - (much better to save the address as a 'favourite' or as a school link).


There are four buttons here. It's very important you always use the first one!

You must use your Google Classroom school logon - not your home logon.

You'll then see an agreement form, unless IT have set up the system to bypass this.


Please just click 'Allow' at the bottom of the screen. If you need to know more about what you're agreeing to, please go here.

I'm a student - Why do I have to agree to things for teachers as well?

When you log on, the system doesn't know at first if you're a student or a teacher.

IMPORTANT - some schools now have a new Google system where there are tick boxes next to each of these permissions. You must tick all of the boxes. This should only be necessary once.