We have just begun adding material for IGCSE. Here's our current list of lessons. Each lesson has content and at least one listening test.

Some of the highlights so far include a complete analysis of the Mozart Clarinet Concerto movement, and a large section on Chinese instruments, including a set of special videos.

Lesson list November 2018

IGCSE - Mozart Clarinet Concerto 1
IGCSE - Mozart Clarinet Concerto 2
IGCSE - Chinese music
IGCSE - Instrumental techniques
IGCSE - Instrumental techniques 2
IGCSE - Structure
IGCSE - Composition techniques
IGCSE - Composition techniques 2
IGCSE - Chords
IGCSE - Chords 2
IGCSE - Cadences
IGCSE - Modulation
IGCSE - Genres
IGCSE - Texture

Screenshots November 2018