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Current list (Oct 2016)

Music reading (7 lessons), African music (2 lessons), Indian music (2 lessons), Irish music, Blues, Caribbean music, Tempo (4 lessons), Time signatures (2 lessons), Chamber music, Baroque music, Bach chorales, Elizabethan music, Orchestra, Jazz bands (3 lessons), Guitar (4 lessons), Drum kit (2 lessons),Rock rhythms, Percussion (2 lessons), Flute (3 lessons), Clarinet (2 lessons), Oboe and cor anglais, Bassoon and double bassoon, Saxophone, Bagpipes, Trumpet (3 lessons), Trombone, Tuba, Violin, Double bass, Harp and Celtic harp, Piano (2 lessons), Singers and singing, Pop chords, Pop chord progressions, Improvisation, Filter effects, Reverb and delay, Modulation effects, Compression, Other effects, Scottish National 3 (2 lessons so far), N4 (12 lessons so far), N5 (24 lessons so far), Higher (3 lessons so far), Edexcel Beethoven Pathétique, Bach Brandenburg, AQA Haydn Clock, Chopin and Schumann piano music, Handel Oratorio and Coronation Anthems, Copland, Rodeo, Melodic terms (2 lessons), Melodic intervals (2 lessons), Ornaments, Articulation and phrasing, Instrumental techniques, Texture, Key signatures (2 lessons), OCR Concerto grosso, Baroque concerto, Romantic concerto, Mozart Clarinet Concerto (2 lessons), Eduqas Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (2 lessons), Binary form, Ternary form, Variation form