Pages seen

Lesson results in Focus on Sound show the number of pages the student has looked at for an individual term or instrument.

For a start, the pages include all the standard 'slides' found via the main tab:


The trumpet, for example, has 5 slides, each with text, audio and picture - all on the first tab.

The trumpet resource also includes 5 other tabs: music score, video(s), extended audio, learning information and YouTube link. Each of these count as at least one 'page'.

The video tab can have more than one page. The trumpet has 5 videos. Each of these counts as one 'page'.


So, in total the trumpet section in Focus on Sound has 14 pages.

In the first trumpet lesson in the Focus on Sound Lesson section there are 14 pages on the trumpet and two listening tests.


The pages seen column therefore shows a maximum of 14 pages.

Some lessons have two or more dictionary items. For example, the Pop song structure lesson has pages on a variety of topics, including Verse, Chorus, etc.


The total of main slides, videos and other tabs for each of the seven content sections above are all added together. The result is 15 pages in total.

End Lesson button

The pages seen figure is calculated when the user presses the End Lesson button, so it's important that students remember to press that button.