Password issues with the Focus on Sound admin system

If you have an issue with your Teams or Google Classroom password, that's out of our control. You'll need to ask IT or a teacher.

Everything below refers to the new Focus on Sound admin system

Old MusicFirst system

Important! The MusicFirst login system is no longer used for Focus on Sound.

Who sets up passwords?

To start with only the main school teacher/admin contact will have the new login credentials. All students and teachers will be set up with usernames and passwords by the school teacher/admin.

If you're the main contact and can't find the automated email with instructions, please check for an email on 11th August 2022 from If you can't find it, try looking in your Spam/Junk box. The password and possibly also the username will not be the same as for the old MusicFirst login. Email if you are the teacher/admin and can't find your credentials.

Temporary and new Passwords on the new FoS admin system

  • Temporary password. The first password you receive is a temporary password. All users have to change that to something secret when they first log on. The secret password is totally hidden from us and from every other user.
  • What password to choose. We suggest you use the same secret password you use elsewhere in the school. Remember that all passwords in this system are case sensitive. If the password is rudolph631 and you type Rudolph631 you won't be able to log in.

Teachers: Setting up a password with bulk import

Teachers adding a temporary password need to copy the temporary password to give to students. You might want to type your own, like Music123 and use that for all students whenever you add them. Then they change the password to their own secret one.


Teachers: Resetting a password for all students

If the students have forgotten their temporary password - or if users have forgotten their own secret password, you can set a new temporary password for them.

  • Go to the Users page
  • Select all users by clicking the tickbox on the left just above the list
  • Select the 'Set temporary student password' tick box.

Teachers: Resetting passwords for all students in a single class

  • Go to the Classes menu
  • Select the relevant class
  • Tick the tick box at the left above the list of students to select the whole class
  • Click the Bulk Edit button
  • Select 'Set temporary student password'
  • When you choose a password, make sure you make a note of it, to give to the students. Don't forget you can choose your own simple one like Music123
  • Click the Apply changes button

Teachers: Resetting individual passwords

  • Go to the Users menu
  • Click on the name of the student or teacher
  • Click the Reset password button at the top