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Plans for 2018-19

  • New music technology material
  • All remaining GCSE set works to be completed
  • Additional listening tests for set works we already cover
  • More A level set works to be added - Edexcel pieces already in preparation
  • New KS3 curriculum material
  • iOS apps
  • More test and question types in FoS Pro

How to buy

School subscriptions are available direct from this website by filling in the form below (we'll send you an invoice). You can also send a purchase order to info@focusonsound.com - please make sure you mention the music teacher's name and email address - this is essential to set up the subscription.

You can phone Richard at MusicFirst UK - 020 7612 7423

Alternatively, here is a list of dealers.

Individual customers not associated with a school go here


All prices are for an annual school and home licence and include full teacher access. Licences include regular free updates and storage of student test results. Teachers can use the software on whiteboards or large screens with as many classes as they wish, regardless of student numbers. Students can use Focus on Sound at home and anywhere in school.

Free help with set up of student accounts if requested.

No auto-renewal. We always ask first!

Special requirements? Just ask!

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Prices and configurations are current from 6th June 2018 and are subject to change.

Please note. From September 1st 2018 we now charge VAT on all orders. Prices below are ex VAT.

Standard licence for 1 year

For a limited period, all new orders for Focus on Sound for 250 or more students receive a free one year trial subscription to Instruments First if requested.

Licence Version Student users Teacher users Years Price
FOSUK1 Standard 1 1 1 £42
FOSUK100 Standard 2 to 100 3 1 £99
FOSUKPRO100 Pro* 2 to 100 3 1 £139
FOSUK250 Standard 101 to 250 5 1 £129
FOSUKPRO250 Pro* 101 to 250 5 1 £179
FOSUK500 Standard 251 to 500 5 1 £199
FOSUKPRO500 Pro* 251 to 500 5 1 £259
FOSUK750 Standard 501 to 750 5 1 £259
FOSUKPRO750 Pro* 501 to 750 5 1 £319
Part yr. upgrade to PRO* All versions All versions Part yr. From £35

*Pro version now available. Some test creation features will not be available at launch

Pro version details

Existing users get Instruments First for only £40 - all student numbers.

Instruments First prices

Licence Student users Teacher users Years Price
Inst1st10 0 10 1 £49
Inst1st100 100 10 1 £85
Inst1st250 250 10 1 £109
Inst1st500 500 10 1 £129

Extended licence (please ask about FoS Pro extended licences)

LicenceStudent usersYearsPriceSaving
FOSUK250-3Up to 2503£299£88
FOSUK250-5Up to 2505£499£146
FOSUK500-3251 to 5003£499£98
FOSUK500-5251 to 5005£799£196
FOSUK750-3501 to 7503£599£178
FOSUK750-5501 to 7505£999£296

Want a quote for a special number of students or for Instruments First extended years? Contact us.

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Individual users not linked to a school should go to https://www.musicfirst.co.uk/app/

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