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Over 1,200 UK secondary schools have current subscriptions.


Our prices are increasing from 1st September 2024. If you are renewing your licence, you can renew before the increase. Perhaps even consider a multi-year option to lock in the current price. Note that this option is only available to customers with a renewal date before 1st December.

Standard licence for 1 year

With the Pro version you can choose Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams integration instead of the standard Focus on Sound method. More info here.

Licence Version Student users Teacher users Years Price Price from September 2024
FOS1 Pro 1 1 1 £49 £59
FOS60PRO Pro 2 to 60 3 1 £149 £169
FOS250PRO Pro 61 to 250 5 1 £199 £219
FOS500PRO Pro 251 to 500 5 1 £299 £319
FOS750PRO Pro 501 to 750 5 1 £399 £419
FOS1000PRO Pro 751 to 1000 7 1 £499 £519
FOS1250PRO Pro 1001 to 1250 7 1 £599 £619

Instruments First prices (primary schools only)

Licence Student users Teacher users Years Price
Inst1st10 0 10 1 £49
Inst1st100 100 10 1 £85
Inst1st250 250 10 1 £109
Inst1st500 500 10 1 £129

More details on Instruments First here.

Please note. We charge VAT on all orders. Prices are ex VAT.

Instruments First is only available as a 'stand-alone' product for primary schools. Secondary schools requiring Instruments First for KS3 will need to purchase the full Focus on Sound product. The fee for the extra software is only £40 (all student numbers).

Pro version details

How to buy

School subscriptions are available direct from this website by filling in the form below (we'll send you an invoice). You can also send a purchase order to - please make sure you mention the music teacher's name and email address - this is essential to set up the subscription. Also, please state the admin system the music department will wish to use. Choose from 'Google Classroom', 'Microsoft Teams', 'standard Focus on Sound' or 'Unknown'.

You can phone Richard at MusicFirst UK - (0)20 3929 9046

Alternatively, here is a list of dealers.

Individual customers not associated with a school go here


All prices are for an annual school and home licence and include full teacher access. Licences include regular free updates and storage of student test results. Teachers can use the software on whiteboards or large screens with as many classes as they wish, regardless of student numbers. Students can use Focus on Sound at home and anywhere in school.

No auto-renewal. We always ask first!

Special requirements? Just ask!

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3 Year licence - 10% discount

Licence Students Price Price from Sept 2024
FOS60/3PRO 60 £402 £456
FOS250/3PRO 250 £537 £591
FOS500/3PRO 500 £807 £861
FOS750/3PRO 750 £1077 £1131
FOS1000/3PRO 1000 £1,347 £1401
FOS1250/3PRO 1250 £1,617 £1671

5 year licence - 15% discount

Licence Students Price Price from Sept 2024
FOS60/5PRO 60 £633 £718
FOS250/5PRO 250 £846 £931
FOS500/5PRO 500 £1,271 £1356
FOS750/5PRO 750 £1,696 £1781
FOS1000/5PRO 1000 £2,121 £2206
FOS1250/5PRO 1250 £2,546 £2631

Want a quote for a special number of students or for Instruments First extended years? Contact us.

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Google Classroom or Teams are the best solutions as teachers don't need to upload lists of students and classes

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