Moving and deleting students for new academic year

Focus on Sound Admin System only

A typical situation in a UK school will involve students leaving Yr 11, Yr 7 and 8 moving up a year and Yr 9 students mainly stopping music but some going on to do GCSE.

This is the best course of action:

  • Delete all the students who have left from the yr 11 class (see below)
  • Move yr 10 students to the yr 11 class
  • Select yr 9 students continuing to GCSE and move them (see below) to the yr 10 class
  • Delete the rest of the yr 9 students who have stopped music study and delete them all (see below)
  • Move yr 8 students to yr 9 classes
  • Move yr 7 students to yr 8 classes
  • Do a bulk import for new yr 7 classes

Deleting students from a class

  • Go to the Admin section
  • Choose the Classes menu
  • Find the class you want to clear the students from (it's also possible to delete the class name with all the students)
  • Select the students you wish to delete - this will delete them from the school, not just the class
  • Click Bulk Edit
  • Choose students to delete
  • Click the delete selected students button

Move students to a different class

  • Create a new class name if required
  • Select the class and students as shown above
  • Click 'Move users to a different class