Student or Teacher?

Most students in any school are of course just students. Most teachers are just teachers.

However, a few senior pupils sometimes act as instructors in extra-curricular groups. In some ‘classes’, teachers act as students, for instance in professional development sessions.

From the information Google and Microsoft sends us we don’t know which users are teachers and which are students. Here’s how we work it out:

  • If the user is a student in all their classes at school, the user is a student
  • If the user is a teacher in all their classes at school, the user is a teacher
  • If the user is sometimes a student and sometimes a teacher, we base the decision on which type of user is in the majority
  • If the user is equally a teacher and a student, we treat them as a teacher

It seems that those yr 12 students are actually instructors in several classes. If you do attach the yr 12 class eventually, they would be treated as teachers and wouldn’t be able to have their results saved. The only way round that would be to ensure unused classes are archived, or the students’ status is changed in some classes to students. You’d probably need to involve IT.