Marking/grading discussion/written tests

An increasing number of tests are described as discussion/written work tests. Teachers can use these for whole class discussion or for extended written work.

IMPORTANT The student must save their final version before the teacher can look at and mark the work.


To find the button to view what the student has written, first go to 'View results for the tests in this lesson' - or the equivalent button coming direct from the tests. You can also find the result from the Results tab at the top, though the result will be harder to find.


Then you will see the underlined word View.


That takes you to a screen like the one below (this is actually a different test).

The questions are listed on the left - most tests so far only have a maximum of two questions.

At the top right you'll see what the student wrote. At the bottom right is our suggested ideal answer.


The teacher can then grade each question out of 10. That will produce a final percentage score.

Improvements planned for 2018-19

We will eventually have a button for teachers to add their own comments. The teacher will also be able to clear the student's answer so that the student can have a second attempt.

For now the student can save work in draft form, then when they are satisfied with the answer they can submit their final answer and then immediately see our suggested answer.