Using the Mobile Apps

The new apps for iOS and Android are now available (October 2019).

Please note: the apps are not yet available using Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams logins

Go to the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android)

When you have downloaded the app run it. You'll see the first of three logon pages.

Choose your territory.


Then you'll have this screen.

Type in the school name part of the domain name you have been given by Focus on Sound or from your teacher, e.g. if the domain is, just enter 'burnsacademy' - so everything before the first dot.


Next you'll be asked for your credentials:

As always, don't forget that the password is case sensitive - so use the same capital and lower case letters you've been given.

That's it. You'll then be in.

The app works in exactly the same way as the web version (mobile version), except there is no address bar at the top.

We check every week that your school licence is up to date. As long as it is you'll generally not need to log in again.

The one limitation of the apps is that you can’t currently access external web pages direct. So the new composing work featuring Chrome Music Lab Song Maker won’t work. You need to change to using a browser, ideally Chrome, though Safari is generally acceptable.