My School - custom content

Dictionary content you create yourself

You can create any content you like here. You can then use it immediately to show to classes on a whiteboard or large screen. For students to use the content on their own you'll need to add it to a lesson and specify the class(es).

Content you create will appear in your own Dictionary-> My Content tab. You can show it to a class from there.

Here's part of a typical custom content page.


You'll need to experiment with this. There's plenty of advice about image types, sizes and aspect ratios, as well as similar information on audio and videos.

You can provide links to Focus on Sound content or to external web pages.

You can use all the standard formatting effects you'd expect. If you want to make something bold and red, you select the word or phrase, then click the bold button and the red button. The codes will then be added automatically.

You can provide simple pop-up questions. Type the question, select it, click 'Popup' and then type the answer in the space. Experiment with this to see how it works.

Here's how your content page might look on screen: