We cover all the set works and main listening topic areas.

The lesson list below shows the list current in June 2022.
Each lesson contains multimedia content and listening tests.
As soon as new set works are announced we begin work adding resources.

Eduqas/WJEC Lessons 2022
Eduqas - Badinerie background
Eduqas - Badinerie instruments
Eduqas - Badinerie
Eduqas - Africa - Toto
Eduqas - Africa - Toto 2
Eduqas - Binary form
Eduqas - Ternary form
Eduqas - Rondo form
Eduqas - Theme and Variation form
Eduqas - Strophic form
Eduqas - Basic textures
Eduqas - Polyphonic textures
Eduqas - More textures
Eduqas - Historical styles
Eduqas - Popular styles
Eduqas - Sound production
Eduqas - Film music
Eduqas - Jazz rhythm section
Eduqas - Continuo
Eduqas - String quartet
Eduqas - Musical theatre
Eduqas - Gap filling tests
Eduqas - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Minuet
Eduqas - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Trio
Eduqas - Since You Been Gone
WJEC - Anitra's Dance - instruments
WJEC - Anitra's Dance - introduction
WJEC - Anitra's Dance - additional listening tests
WJEC - Everything must go
WJEC - Purcell Rondeau
WJEC - Handbags and Gladrags

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Here are some screenshots of Eduqas lessons. As an example of what we provide, for the Bach Badinerie set work there are 35 content pages and 9 listening tests. For Toto Africa there are 7 content pages and 4 listening tests.