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Materials for Eduqas GCSE are now available. We have a complete analysis of the Mozart Eine Kleine Nachtmusik and Rainbow set works, together with listening tests and discussion/writing material.

We will be continuing to add material throughout 2018.

Here is a list of lessons (March 2018) all with listening tests and quizzes.

Eduqas Lessons March 2018
Eduqas - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Minuet
Eduqas - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Trio
Eduqas - Since You Been Gone
Eduqas - Binary form
Eduqas - Ternary form
Eduqas - Rondo form
Eduqas - Theme and Variation form
Eduqas - Strophic form
Eduqas - Basic textures
Eduqas - Polyphonic textures
Eduqas - More textures
Eduqas - Historical styles
Eduqas - Popular styles
Eduqas - Film music

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