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Instruments First

Instruments First is a new junior product launched in August 2017 in the US (as part of Music First Junior) and in China in September 2017 (as part of Parsons Music Education Platform).

It is also available now in UK English version.

The program is aimed at 8 to 12 year-olds and covers the basics of music, as well as instruments and music theory. It can also be used by even younger students.

It is full of questions and pop-up answers, as well as suggestions for activities.

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The main sections of Instruments First are shown below:


Here's an example of our new pop-up question and answer system. The last question on the page asks 'How does this music end?'. The teacher or student can click the text of the question to see the pop-up answer.


Colourful quizzes help students learn basics, instruments and music theory: