Logging on with Microsoft Teams

The web address (URL) for all students and teachers is:


To type the standard address just start from 'portal' - (much better to save the address as a 'favorite' or as a school link).

Search for your school

Sign in with Microsoft - you must use your Microsoft Teams school logon - not your home logon.

Teachers: You and students don't always have the same 'domain' - the section at the end of the Teams address after the @. If you and the students have different domains please make sure we know.

Error messages

If you get an error message, here are some of the most likely causes:

  • You are using your home Teams login, not your school one.
  • The school IT department has not yet allowed Focus on Sound to be used with Teams. You might receive a message saying admin approval is necessary. IT should go here
  • The music teacher hasn't set up classes to work with Focus on Sound. The admin page for teachers is here
  • The music teacher hasn't added a particular class to the Focus on Sound system

Sometimes you might just need to close your browser and start again.