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Hardware requirements

Almost any device capable of running the web will work with the programs - including Apple Mac, Windows computers and Chromebooks. Also tablets and higher spec smartphones, including iPhone 4 and above, iPad 2 and above, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note, etc.

Computer screen size should be a minimum of 1024x600, though 1280x768 and bigger would give a better result. Tablets, including iPad, iPad mini, Samsung Tab, Note 10.1, etc. work well. 'Retina' resolution is particularly effective for display of follow the red dot music scores. Please note that if you have an iPad or iPhone you'll need iOS 10 or above.

Teachers will find a projector and whiteboard ideal for classroom use - especially using the specially designed classroom test mode.

Operating systems and browsers

The program runs on the web. Most browsers will be fine, including all recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari. Microsoft has ceased support for Internet Explorer 10 and earlier. Internet Explorer 11 can cause problems, especially with music scores. If you need to use Microsoft, we'd recommend Edge. We'd always suggest Chrome in preference to other browsers.

We support Windows 7 and later, though we recommend Windows 10.

We'd recommend Mac OS X v10.6 "Snow Leopard" or more recent - with at least version 5 of Safari. The excellent Chrome browser in its latest version works well with earlier Mac computers and is to be preferred to older versions of Safari.

We support iOS versions 10 and above.

Contact us if you are not sure about whether your system will run our programs.

Broadband internet

The programs require a broadband internet connection. We recommend a speed of at least 2 Mbs. Average broadband speed in the US is around 12 Mbs. In the UK it's 23 Mbs.

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