New content for GCSE is appearing regularly. We now have resources for all the new set works for 2022, for all areas of study.

As of February 2018, we have lessons on these topics, all with listening tests. Most also have opportunities for extended writing.

The resources are also ideal as jumping off points for student composition and extension of performance technique.

Area of study 1 Area of study 2 Area of study 3 Area of study 4
Mozart Three songs from Little Shop of Horrors Three songs - Paul Simon 2 movements from Hary Janos
Basset clarinet Within You, Without You Blues history Music of Copland
Clarinet concerto (3rd mvt.) With a Little Help from my Friends African fusion Copland Rodeo
Haydn Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds Caribbean and Latin music Minimalism
Haydn Clock Symphony Melodic terms 3 - popular music Contemporary British folk music
Chopin, Schumann piano music Guitar techniques
Handel Oratorio Vocal techniques in popular song
Handel Coronation Anthems Drum techniques
The requiem Popular song structure
Classical orchestral music Popular song chord progressions
Key signatures (5 lessons) Since you been gone - unfamiliar listening
Modulation (2 lessons) Killer Queen - unfamiliar listening
Structure (2 lessons) Tempo
Melodic terms (2 lessons) Tempo 2
Melodic intervals (2 lessons) Melody and rhythm gap filling
Ornaments Broadway musical - Wicked
Articulation and phrasing
Instrumental techniques
Melody and rhythm gap filling

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Here are some GCSE screenshots. Notice the links to our multimedia dictionary:


The Haydn Symphony section includes five background pages of text, photos, recordings and YouTube links. Then there are seven pages on the piece itself, including an annotated score of the whole movement. Three listening tests are included, featuring questions like the one shown below - there are also discussion questions.


We now have extended resources for area of study 2 (popular music), including detailed study of nearly all the musical elements, as well as the three Beatles songs now 'Little Shop of Horrors' as well.


Three 70s pop songs are used for 'unfamiliar' listening.


Here's a test related to the requiem (Area of study 1). Fill in the missing notes.


This video of African-Celt rock fusion music gives you an idea of how our resources work:


AS and A Level

We now have analysis, music scores and listening tests for the Purcell, Bach and Vivaldi set works. Other pieces will then follow. Here is a screenshot from our first listening test:


Here is a screenshot for the Bach Violin Concerto in A minor. We have a complete score of the first movement of the concerto to follow, as well as listening and discussion tests.