Setting assignments/homework in Microsoft Teams

1. Using the Share button

Sharing content, tests and lessons is very quick with Focus on Sound but . . . . .

Please note that the Share button only shares the content, lesson or test link. It doesn't send marks back to Teams. It can also only create an assignment for a single class. Test results are still saved in Focus on Sound results though.

Students need to press the 'Hand in' button in Teams when they have finished the work

To choose multiple classes and/or send marks back you need synced custom lessons - our preferred system - See section 2 below.

For every page in Focus on Sound that can be set as an assignment you'll see one of these 'Share' buttons at the top right of your screen.


That takes you to the screen below. If it doesn't, check you have the correct Microsoft Teams account. You might need to change accounts if it defaults to your personal account.

Make sure you select 'Create an assignment'

You then choose the class (see below). You can then set title, dates, etc.


Note: The Teams software lists any classes assigned to you in the school - not just the classes you have assigned to Focus on Sound. The list is not something we can control. If you have more classes than it can display on the page Teams may show an arbitrary list which may or may not include the classes you expect.

If the class you need doesn't appear, you need to go to the class in Microsoft Teams, click on 'assignments' and then click on 'Get started.'

Please note that currently Teams doesn't allow you to choose multiple classes. So, you have two choices:

  • Sharing the content multiple times, once for each class.
  • Using the system below and linking custom lessons to multiple classes in Teams.

2. Using the synced Custom Lesson/Teams feature

If you need results to be sent back to Teams and/or you want to set work for multiple classes, you need to use the new Custom Lesson system.

First, go to Custom Lessons in My School.

The click 'Add new' or edit a previous custom lesson. Notice the new 'Sync with Microsoft Teams' button.


You'll notice a date assigner now appears. This is a requirement for Teams. You can adjust the dates later in Teams itself.

Caution - when you click Publish, the assignment is set up for the class(es) you have chosen. Unticking a class will destroy the link with that class - so don't use this system as a template for other lessons with other classes. Also, changing the name of an existing custom lesson can cause problems with the result saving system. We will soon have checks in place to stop you doing any of these actions.

Once you have set up the assignments, you will probably want to go into your Teams application to check them all and adjust dates as necessary.

When you have finished setting the lesson you'll see a new Preview Lesson button. Use that to check through everything before you publish.


When you publish the lesson it will be set up as an assignment for the classes you have specified.

Once you have set up the assignments, you will probably want to go into your Teams application to check them all and adjust dates as necessary.

3. Editing the assignment in Teams

You may want to edit individual class assignments, so that each class has its own start and end date. You can also specify the exact time it's posted and due.


Figure 1 above shows where you click Edit to allow late-joiners to the class to do the work.

Figure 2 shows where you can specify the exact time of posting, by clicking the Edit button. The default start date is one day ahead. As long as you set the time to be later than the current time, you can schedule the start time to be the same day.

It's important not to untick the box in the screenshot below. All assignments are in the future, even if it starts in 5 minutes time. Unticking the box moves your assignment to draft and will result in the results link being lost.


4. Sending results back to Teams

Unfortunately, neither Microsoft nor Google allow students to send their own results. It has to be the teacher that presses the button.

The way we do this is to have a 'Save to Teams' button in the Focus on Sound class results system.


First, you need to find the actual test or lesson you have set as an assignment.

You'd need to wait until most or all the students have done the lesson before clicking that button.

If any students' results are still shown as 'Missing' in Teams, although marks are shown in Focus on Sound results, the student has probably not pressed the End lesson button. The students involved then need to press the Hand in button in the GC assignment. Then you can click the Save to Teams button again. The final marks should now appear.

Confused about the pages seen figure in FoS lesson results? Go here.