We have extensive coverage of SQA concepts, from N3 to Advanced Higher.

The coverage is expanding all the time. We added new Higher material during February 2017 (see bottom of this page) and Advanced Higher lessons in September 2017.

Here are some of the features of our software:

  • Pupils' results arranged in classes, available immediately online for teachers - export to Excel​
  • Massive resource of videos and YouTube links
  • Special optional display mode for whiteboards and large screens
  • 67 lessons on the Scottish curriculum (figure current October 2017), all with online assessment
  • Thousands of listening tests

A marvellous, affordable, and user-friendly listening resource. Pupils find it easily accessible via mobile, tablet or PC at any time of day (or night, if set homework tasks). I would warmly recommend this excellent software to all departments. - John McGonigle, Director of Music, Dollar Academy, Scotland

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Below are two screenshots from sections on Scottish styles for N4 and N5. Notice the new popup-questions and answers. This is ideal for showing to classes. Students consider the answer, then the teacher clicks on the text to show them what maybe they ought to have said. Here the question is 'What does 'strophic' mean?


Here's an example of one of over 40 lesson topics so far. This one is on Scottish styles for National 5.
All lessons end with quizzes, tests or other assessments.

Here's part of the National 5 lesson on bass lines - notice the tabs for our own videos and for YouTube video.

Here is one of 14 types of question:

As soon as the students have completed a test or quiz, the results are immediately available for the teacher, arranged in classes.

The picture shows the the first couple of results for an imaginary class doing the N5 randomised tests on instrumentation. Notice you can see the date and time the student last did a Focus on Sound test.

Here's a question for class discussion or extended writing - discussing a video of Celtic rock music.

The pupil saves the answer and gets to see what he/she should have written.

The teacher can then immediately access online what the student has written.

One of the questions in PC mode

There are 14 different test types so far, all viewable in standard mode as well as class demonstration mode,

- and on landscape and portrait views, on PCs, tablets and smartphones:

Multiple choice: 1. Sound and picture, multiple choice texts 2. Sound only, multiple choice texts 3. Picture only, multiple choice texts 4. Sound only, multiple choice pictures 5. Quiz text, multiple choice text answers 6. Sound and picture, multiple choice small pictures 7. Text, with multiple choice pictures 8. Sound only, with multiple choice quiz texts
Typing: 1. Sound and picture, type answer 2. Sound only, type answer 3. Picture only, type answer
Extended writing: 1. Sound only, type extended answer 2. Two sound recordings, type extended comparison answer 3. Video, type extended answer

Tests are available in randomised and fixed versions.

A question in smartphone mode

Current lesson list, National 3 to 5

National 3 to 4

National 5

Higher (so far).


Advanced Higher (so far)


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