Setting homework

At the moment we don't have any online classroom facilities (unless you use the MusicFirst Classroom, or the Rhinegold Education Online Music Classroom, which have extensive resources for organising material.) Don't forget our existing 'My School' facility to create your own lessons. See the bottom of the Lessons screen. Please note that this will be discontinued for new users and renewals from September 2018.

From September 2018 we will have a new 'My School' tab where you'll be able to set tasks and lessons, and add links to external material. You will also be able to set your own tests and specify classes for the work. This will all only be available in our new FoS Pro version.

Meanwhile, you need to use a secure school web page to give students at least two links, one to the logon for your school, e.g. and one or more to the page(s), tests, lessons, etc. they need to study, e.g.

If you have Google Classroom or something similar just provide the two links as mentioned above.

They need to log on first before opening the page link.

If you don't have an easy way to provide links, the easiest solution is to get students to do a Lesson, e.g. 'Do the lesson on Copland Rodeo in Focus on Sound'. There are various search boxes, and lessons are easier to find as they don't split into Instruments and Sound Words.