Setting homework

Setting homework is soon to become much easier for all users. Watch this space. Look out for announcements on our various sites.

The Pro version has a special system for setting work for classes. Go here for more information.

You can also use our new Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams versions to set assignments.

If you don't have FoS Pro, you need to use a secure school web page to give students at least two links (until our new system is in operation):

  1. Logon for your school, e.g.
  2. One or more links to the page(s), tests, lessons, etc. they need to study, e.g. You find these URLs (web addresses) by going to the page you want in Focus on Sound, then looking at the address bar at the top and copying it (click on it to select it, then right click to copy it).

Just provide the two links as mentioned above.

They need to log on first via the link to their school, then open Focus on Sound, before opening the page link.

That means there are now three tabs open:

  • MusicFirst Application Cloud login
  • Focus on Sound start page
  • Focus on Sound link

It's a good idea to close the Focus on Sound start page tab as soon as the link page has opened.

If you don't have an easy way to provide links, the easiest solution is to get students to do a Lesson, e.g. 'Do the lesson on Copland Rodeo in Focus on Sound'. There are various search boxes, and lessons are easier to find as they don't split into Instruments and Sound Words.