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Logging on

Users of MusicFirst Classroom and Rhinegold Education Online Music Classroom should go here

All other users: you'll need the domain name we sent you, together with your username and password. Please note that the password is case sensitive.


Can't log on?

Check these details (99% of login problems are caused by one of these issues):

Have you got the correct URL (web address)?


If it just says 'Login' at the top, you have the wrong URL (web address).

If you're sure you have entered the correct URL and you are in a school, the school may be blocking one of the access sites.

See unblocking


The URL must include your school name (often abbreviated)


Please don't add 'www.' in the URL. It won't work if you do.


Ideally, never type a URL.

Your school should set up a link for you to follow. Or at least keep the link in your favourites.


Passwords are case sensitive.


Here's a summary of what you need to remember:

  • If you're a UK user and the web address you are using includes 'musicfirstappcloud', you have the wrong address. It must end with musicfirst.co.uk with the school domain name you have been given in front, e.g. myschool.musicfirst.co.uk. Check the details we gave you.
  • There's no 'www.' in the URL
    • The address will look something like this: https://myschool.musicfirst.co.uk or if you have to type, enter e.g. myschool.musicfirst.co.uk
    • You can leave out the https:// entirely if you're typing it in. But ideally, never type it in (see below). Teacher/admins can log on direct from the email we sent.
    • International users have their own separate suffix,depending on the country, e.g. .com
  • Is your username and password correct?
    • The MusicFirst password is case sensitive. If you miss out any required capital letter or lower case letter, you can't log on.
  • There is no mobile app yet. You need to use a browser always, e.g. Safari on iPad/iPhone or Chrome on Android.
  • If you're a school teacher please ensure IT has set up a link so that students don't have to type in the URL. If users type in the wrong address the browser may remember the wrong URL and logging in will fail.

If you've checked the URL and the username and password and still can't log on, you can email us at help@focusonsound.com

Lost password (students)

You'll need to ask your teacher, who can either tell you the password or reset it for you. Teachers - to reset a student password, find the student's name in the list of students (using the search function). Click on the pencil edit button. Click change 'password'.