UK Exam Boards

We have material for all the English, Welsh and Scottish exam boards.


Now with pop-up questions and activities (see below for an example of a pop-up answer to an on-screen question).


Each set work has various listening tests, for instance this type, where question numbers pop up on a timeline and students have to choose the answers from a randomised list in the box on the right. Results are all saved automatically for the teacher to see and use in reporting.


A new feature is a set of 24 listening exercises for GCSE unprepared listening - fill in the notation gaps.


Set works also include typed or class discussion questions.

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SQA OCR AQA Edexcel Eduqas IGCSE

Here's a video of our lesson on an Edexcel set work. Our lessons for the other boards work in a similar way.

All kinds of advanced resources are also available for A level and Music Technology.


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