Using Focus on Sound with Microsoft Teams

Teachers - if you don't have the Teams version of Focus on Sound and you need to know more, go here.

Schools which have the Teams version of Focus on Sound

All users - logging on - only if your school already has the Focus on Sound/Teams link set up

Teacher/admins - setting up for Teams.

Teacher admins/IT staff - setting up Teams classes that work with Focus on Sound.

Teachers - what to do for a new academic year. You can also use this system at any time you want to reset your user numbers to zero and start with new classes.

Teachers - setting up assignments.

If you see something like this: The user account you logged in with is not linked to a school. Please login with your school account.

This is probably because classes have not yet been set up so that Focus on Sound can see them. Teachers need to ask IT staff to read this page. It might also be that you are not using your correct school Teams login credentials.

FAQs for teachers

Teachers can log on but students can't
Almost certainly the students have a different email 'domain' (everything after the @ in their GC login). Let us know what it is by emailing and we'll add it to the system.

A few students are unable to log in

  • Check they are using their school Microsoft Teams login, not their home Microsoft account
  • Check that their class has been added to the Focus on Sound system - go to the Classes menu at the top of the screen

Why are test marks not sent automatically to Teams?
Microsoft doesn't allow students to mark their own work (unsurprisingly!). There is no provision in Teams to send marks automatically. In Focus on Sound we get round this by asking teachers to use our 'Save to Teams' button. You can find this by going into the custom lesson in the My School section of Focus on Sound. If you want marks to be sent to Teams you have to use the synced Custom Lesson feature not the share button.

You get a message saying you need admin approval
You'll need IT to provide approval. Go here (about half way down the page):

I'd like to add a student teacher or a supply teacher to the system
Go here

I'm sharing a lesson to Teams using the Share button, but I can't see all my classes for the assignment
The Teams software lists any classes assigned to you in the school - not just the classes you have assigned to Focus on Sound. The list is not something we can control. If you have more classes than it can display on the page Teams may show a random list which may or may not include the classes you expect.

If the class you need doesn't appear, you need to go to the class in Microsoft Teams, click on 'assignments' and then click on 'Get started.'

Some students are being treated as teachers and can't save their test results.
Go here.

Some teachers are being treated as students, for instance they see My Class, not My School
Go here.

Students can't hear my computer sound in Teams video calls
Here's the information from Microsoft: To share sound from your computer, select the Share content button in your meeting controls and then Include computer sound—it's the switch on the top left of your sharing options.
Go here for more detail

I don't understand how 'pages seen' figures are calculated in lesson results
Go here.

If the above information doesn't solve your issue, please email