Using Focus on Sound with Microsoft Teams

If you don't have the Teams version of Focus on Sound and you need to know more, go here.

Schools which do have the Teams version of Focus on Sound

All users - need advice on logging on? You are certain your music teacher has set up your class to access Focus on Sound using Teams? Go here

Teacher admins - also IT staff for info- need advice on setting up for Teams? Go here.

Teacher admins/IT staff - need advice on setting up Teams classes that will work with Focus on Sound? Go here

Teachers - need advice on setting up assignments? Go here

Teacher admins - go here to request the closure of your old MusicFirst account and arrange for transfer of material from the old MusicFirst system to the new Teams version.

If you see something like this: The user account you logged in with is not linked to a school. Please login with your school account.

This is probably because classes have not yet been set up so that Focus on Sound can see them. Teachers need to ask IT staff to read this page. It might also be that you are not using your correct school Teams login credentials.