My School - Lesson notifications

Pro version only. Not for use with GC or Teams assignments

You can inform your students about a custom lesson you want them to do. Students see the message like this when they first access Focus on Sound. They just press the lesson button and it takes them straight there:


First - choose one of your custom lessons in My School, then click on the notification bell icon:


You'll then be shown a dialog like this:


You will already have set up the classes you want to use for this lesson. They will be displayed on this screen. Choose the class you want to notify, then set the start and end dates for the notification. The default start date is the next day. There are preset buttons to select different dates, e.g. 2 weeks time, or you can enter the date manually.

That's it. The student will then be notified as shown at the top. Students also see a small red bell next to the lesson name in their My Class list of lessons.