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Unblocking our web pages

It's very unlikely the school will block our material. If you experience problems accessing our resources you may need to unblock our sites for students in your school.

Unblocking won't be necessary at home, and generally won't be necessary on school premises either. If you're experiencing problems with logins, and you've checked all the possible solutions mentioned in the logging on section, and you've checked with IT, you may need to ask your IT person to unblock as follows:

The simplest solution to unblocking is just to use a wildcard:

You may also need to unblock the special domain we have set up for you - something like:

https://myschool.musicfirst.com (or .co.uk, .com.au, .co.nz, etc.)

Also unblock musicfirstappcloud.com

US users only

Unblock https://fosus.server1.apps.focusonsound.com

UK users and rest of the world


Rhinegold Online Music Classroom or MusicFirst Classroom customers outside US

You'll need to unblock these addresses:

  • https://soundwords.server1.apps.focusonsound.com
  • https://instruments.server1.apps.focusonsound.com

The software also has optional embedded YouTube videos. If you want to use these you'd need to ensure YouTube is unblocked from the computers you're using. We often find that teachers are able to use these but students aren't.